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Nature Conservation Dresden does not have own funds and its activities are mainly founded through private donations. Without support we cannot purchase lands to protect plants, animals and the habitats they need to survive. Any donation and support will entirely be used for acquiring lands. According to the bylaw of Nature Conservation Dresden its members work as volunteers and they will not be paid by means of donations or support.

If you want to support our charity by making a donation please do it by money order to

Naturbewahrung Dresden e.V.
Leibnizstraße 14
01187 Dresden

Now we urgently need 25.000,-Euro for buying a small but important piece of land in the city of Dresden.
Who wants to know more about this and wants to help us, please contact

The donation account is opened at

Deutsche Bank
Bank reference number
 (sorting code) : 870 700 24
Account number : 835 123 100
reference (code) : donation

from non-german countries
IBAN : DE9587070024083515300
reference (code) : donation

You'll receive the information on what piece of land has been purchased using your donation.

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