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NABU Deutschland

Nature Conservation Dresden is a local group of the German Federation for Nature Conservation (NABU - Naturschutzbund Deutschland). Its German name is Naturbewahrung Dresden e.V. and it fully accepts the bylaws of both NABU and NABU Saxony. The bylaw of Nature Conservation Dresden is available at the address

  Naturbewahrung Dresden
Leibnizstraße 14
01187 Dresden
++ 49 351 4659 527
++ 49 351 4659 537


Nature Conservation Dresden is dedicated to protecting threatened animals, plants and the habitats they need to survive. The group is located at Dresden, Saxony, but its activity is not limited to that region.

Now we urgently need 25.000,-Euro for buying a small but important piece of land in the city of Dresden.
Who wants to know more about this and wants to help us, please contact